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Elberton, GA. 30635

Office Phone: 706-213-3278
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Technical Support


Internet Service

ElbertonNET’s state-of-the-art, always on, ultra-fast broadband and wideband Internet service offers subscribers download speeds of up to 200 Mbps using fiber optic and coaxial technology.

You can:
  • Stream HD quality video.
  • Download large files quickly.
  • Use video conferencing and screen share software.
  • Play online action games with the smoothness of console games.
  • Connect multiple devices (computers, smart phones and tablets) to the Internet at the same time.

We are your hometown fiber broadband provider with a local
customer service office and local technicians.

Pricing Packages

Everyone can find the speed they need at the right price with ElbertonNET's pricing packages.

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Technical Support

We want to ensure you have a great experience with ElbertonNET.

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