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Set Parental Controls with our on-screen guide

ElbertonNET digital cable TV service comes with a feature that enables you, the parent, to use content filters to restrict viewing and purchases of TV programs and services based on your preferences.

You can block access by movie ratings, TV and content ratings, channels or titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on screen.

Turning off adult and mature titles in the on-screen guide

  • Press “MENU” twice to bring up the full menu.
  • Arrow down and to the right to “Parental Control.” Select with “OK/SEL.”
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN number, or if you have never accessed Parental Control before, enter a new PIN number. Confirm the PIN if needed.
  • Arrow right and down to “Hide Titles.” Select with “OK/SEL.”
  • Select the option you want—to hide both Adult and TV-MA titles, or just Adult titles. Select with “OK/SEL.”
  • Select “EXIT.” Check the on-screen program guide; your selection should be reflected in the guide.

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