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Technical Support


TV Pricing

ElbertonNET is committed to providing quality cable TV service at the lowest possible cost to our customers, while continuing to invest in technologies that offer the best choices for television, telephone and Internet service. View our pricing packages below.  Bundle Cable TV with Internet service or Digital Phone and get a monthly Bundle Discount from the prices listed below, up to $30.00 of credit per month!

TV Pricing: Basic, Expanded, Premier

Cable Packages

Expanded (Includes Basic)
Premier (Includes Basic and Expanded)

Premium Channels (Digital)

Showtime with Flix & The Movie Channel

Monthly Box Rental (After 1st & 2nd digital converter box)

Monthly Box Fee
One-time Box Setup Fee
One-time Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Setup Fee
Monthly DVR Fee

Additional Outlets

At the time of installation
Not at the time of installation

Additional Outlets

Not returning Set-top Box and Remote

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