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Pricing Packages for Residences & Businesses

ElbertonNET offers several pricing packages for both residential and commercial customers who need high-speed Internet. Everyone can find the speed they need at the right price with ElbertonNET’s broadband/wideband pricing packages.

Monthly Package Pricing

Broadband Basic


25 Mbps Downloads/ 3 Mbps upload/ 100 Gb per mo. data

Suitable for customers who will be sharing photos, downloading music, and want even faster surfing. (Price exclusive of TV is $59.95)

Wideband 50


50 Mbps Downloads/ 5 Mbps upload/ 500 Gb. per mo. data

Designed for online gaming, super-fast music and video downloads, and sending large attachments including image and photo files. (Price exclusive of TV is $79.95)

Wideband 100


100 Mbps Downloads/ 10 Mbps upload/ 1000 Gb. per mo. data

Ideal for multi-computer households that want the ultimate experience in extreme online gaming and super-fast music and video downloads. (Price exclusive of TV is $119.95)

Wideband 200


200 Mbps Downloads/ 20 Mbps upload/ 2000 Gb. per mo. data

The fastest broadband speed in Elbert County. Get the most out of your Internet-capable devices such as iPads, laptops, game consoles, and HDTV. (Price exclusive of is $159.95)

Wireless Modem Gateway



ElbertonNET will provide you with a powerful yet simple communication device for connecting all your devices to the Internet. It's the ideal all-in-one wired and wireless solution for the home environment.

Fast Internet. Worry-free Service.