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Technical Support


Pricing Packages for Residences & Businesses

ElbertonNET offers several pricing packages for both residential and commercial customers. Everyone can find the speed and data plan they need at the right price with ElbertonNET’s Internet packages.  Bundle Internet service with Cable TV or Digital Phone and get a monthly Bundle Discount from the prices listed below, up to $30.00 of credit per month!

Monthly Package Pricing

Basic Internet


25 Mbps Downloads/ 3 Mbps upload/ 250 GB per mo. data

Suitable for customers who will be sharing photos, downloading music, and want even faster surfing.

Internet 50


50 Mbps Downloads/ 5 Mbps upload/ 500 GB per mo. data

Designed for online gaming, super-fast music and video downloads, and sending large attachments including image and photo files.

Internet 100


100 Mbps Downloads/ 10 Mbps upload/ 1000 GB per mo. data

Ideal for multi-computer households that want the ultimate experience in extreme online gaming and super-fast music and video downloads.

Internet 200


200 Mbps Downloads/ 20 Mbps upload/ 2000 GB per mo. data

The fastest broadband speed in Elbert County. Get the most out of your Internet-capable devices such as iPads, laptops, game consoles, and HDTV.

Wireless Modem Gateway



ElbertonNET will provide you with a powerful yet simple communication device for connecting all your devices to the Internet. Upgrade your modem to a wireless gateway provided by ElbertonNET.

Fast Internet. Worry-free Service.