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All-Inclusive Bundles: Internet, Phone, TV

Bundle all your Cable TV, Internet and Digital Phone services with ElbertonNET and get a discount for bundling. Choose an ElbertonNET Internet package and add Digital Phone or Cable TV to enjoy the benefits of three great services. Your savings depend on how many services you choose.

  • Pick 2 ElbertonNET services (Internet and Digital Phone OR Internet and Cable TV) and get a monthly discount of $20.00.
  • OR...
  • Pick 3 ElbertonNET services (Cable TV, Internet, and Digital Phone) and get a monthly discount of $30.00.
  • Bundle prices are after applicable discounts and do not include taxes or fees.
  • Digital Phone service requires Internet service.
  • TV channel lineups are subject to change at any time.
  • Pricing effective September 1, 2020.

ElbertonNET Bundle Discounts

Cable TV Service

Choose either the Basic, Expanded, or Premier TV package to qualify for the Bundle Discount.

Internet Service

Select any of the four speed and data plans to qualify for the Bundle Discount.

Digital Phone

Digital Phone service requires ElbertonNET Internet access, so you're automatically qualified for a bundle discount by choosing Digital Phone service.

Pick 2 of the services above and get a monthly discount 

Pick 3 of the services above and receive a monthly discount


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